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The Technical Museum of Slovenia keeps over 150 typewriters, most of which are on display at the open storage of the national museums in Pivka. Some of them you can see on tempoprary exhibition “Collection of office technology items: typewriters” in Nikole Tesla lecture room.

The collection features a number of typewriters made either in Europe or the USA that were used in our country, as well as post-WWII typewriters manufactured in Slovenia. The European models include Mignon AEG, Mercedes, Continental, Olivetti and Olympia, and the American models Remington, Underwood, and Smith Corona.

The exhibits also comprise TOPS typewriters made in Slovenia. They were manufactured by Ljubljana-based Rog company, better known for its production of bicycles. In 1952, the typewriter department became a company in its own right, called Tovarna pisalnih strojev – TOPS.

Author of the exhibition: mag. Martina Orehovec
English translation: Melita Silič
Slovene proofreading: Melita Silič, Urša Vodopivec
Visual material: TMS Documentation
Exhibits: TMS conservation-restoration shop
Technical implementation: TMS setup crew
Design: Janja Ošlaj
Technical Museum of Slovenia, 2020, represented by: Natalija Polenec, acting director
Print: ALTOS

Photo: Tomaž Lauko

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