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Very interesting and attractive part of the electro collection are the experiments of the inventor Nikola Tesla, presented by the demonstrator on working exhibits.

The demonstrator briefly presents the life of Nikola Tesla to the group of visitors, and then, when interpreting it, they see the practical demonstrations:

• a DC motor,
• a demonstration model of a three-phase electric motor,
• a rotating magnetic field generator with a plate,
• a rotating magnetic field generator with a metal egg,
• Tesla transformer model 100.000 V,
• Tesla transformer model of 1,000,000 V,
• Van de Graaff’s static voltage generator,
• Plasma balls.

You can see the Sunday demonstration by purchasing a museum ticket and a coupon that you take at the box office.

It is not widely known that many of the achievements that relieve modern life and today seem to ourselves self-evident are the merits of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. The discovery of the multi-phase system, the research of high-frequency currents, the first ideas on the world radio system and the wireless transmission of energy are the result of a genius mind. We remember the memory of the inventor in the Technical Museum of Slovenia with attractive experiments, which Nikola Tesla himself presented to his astute guests more than a century ago.

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