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The exhibited works, which are on display at the Museum of Post and Telecommunications from 3 April to 1 July 2022, were made by students of the Polhov Gradec Primary School together with their mentors. They were inspired by the stories of Ela Peroci, which are full of surprises and through which the students got to know the author. Stories from the old town have thus come to life in the modern environment as well.

Mentors: Klara Volaj, Mojca Bizjak, Nina Bagar, Tadej Jug, Darja Pelko, Tanja Metež Omerzel, Neža Kralj, Simona Mihalic, Nina Dolinar, Jana Prebil, Tanja Jerina Blagojevič, Vesna Muhič, Urška Žagar, Špela Tomšič, Nastja Mihovec, Barbara Rednak Robič. The ideas for setting up the exhibition and presenting the works were formulated by the teachers Tanja Metež Omerzel and Neža Kralj.

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