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Authors of the exhibition Irena Marušič and dr. Estera Cerar received a “Valvasor Award”, the national award for unique achievements in the field of museology by the Slovene Museum Society.

The Technical Museum of Slovenia prepared a project titled Knowledge without Frontiers, which highlights the positive impact of migration on society, and aims to show a strong link between technical and scientific heritage on one side, and cultural and national identity, on the other. We present a number of successful individuals across different fields of science and technology who migrated to or from Slovenian territory from the 16th century to the present day.
Scientists and inventors have been moving to and from other countries for very different reasons and quite often of their own free will. History is also witness to the fact that one can become a ‘stranger’ even without moving to a foreign land. There are many scientists and inventors who were born in one country, lived in another and died in a completely different one – all because the borders were moved or the countries changed.

For the exhibition Knowledge without Frontiers we selected fourteen individuals, some of them very known in Slovenia and almost recognised as celebrity icons, and others known only to a handful of experts. They are introduced with brief insights into their private and working lives and carefully chosen individual achievements.
The exhibition is a result of teamwork, with an interdisciplinary approach and calling upon experts from various fields and different institutions.

Through public programmes (workshops, talks, guided tours, round tables, quizzes) as well as outreach and learning activities, we will offer our visitors the opportunity for social dialogue and to express their own points of view.

The exhibition will be open from 1st of March 2018 until 31st of December 2019.

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