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9. July 2015 – 3. December 2017

In summer 2015, the Technical Museum of Slovenia acquired a collection of airplane models, mainly of domestic design, donated to the museum by the pilot and model maker Albin Novak. Between 2011 and 2015 the collection was displayed at the Model Aviation exhibition organised by Radovljica Municipality Museums (Verena Štekar-Vidic, project manager) in conjunction with technical director Dr. Sandi Sitar and external collaborators.

The models illustrate the Slovenian creativity in aircraft design that seems to have been somewhat forgotten; thus the Technical Museum of Slovenia furthers its mission, addressing a new field. The collection introduces only a portion of domestic aircraft designs. We will strive to gradually complement it with all principal designs that were a milestone in this field in Slovenia, as well as provide it proper professional attention. Until then may this collection, complemented with some boards and descriptive texts kindly released by Radovljica Municipal Museum, be an anticipation of a new project.

Project manager: Natalija Polenec
Texts on boards and descriptive texts by: Dr Sandi Sitar, Marko Malec (Konstrukcijski biro LZS table, Letov and Libis), Boris Brovinsky (text for KB6 and KB11 models)
Expert consultants: Boris Brovinsky and Albin Novak
Text editing: Katja Žvan and Melita Silič (introductory board and colophon)
Boards designed by: Barbara Bogataj Kokalj and Zuhra Jovanovič (introductory board and colophon)

The credit for this exhibition is due pilot and model maker Albin Novak, who donated to the museum his vast collection of models for which we sincerely thank him. At the same time, we would like to thank everybody who helped in the realisation of the exhibition.

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