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The exhibition “The First Stadium and the First Gymnastic Equipment Factory in Slovenia” is on display at Gallusov nabrežje in Ljubljana between 8 April and 8 May 2022.

“One hundred years ago, the Yugoslav Sokol Association entrusted Ljubljana with organising and hosting the first “Olympics” of the Yugoslav Sokol movement. The inclusion of an international gymnastics competition gave the Sokol festival international exposure.  The international gymnastics competition that resounded through Europe had a precondition: a stadium had to be constructed beforehand. A prerequisite for the sporting event was the construction of a stadium. It was decided that it would be built in the area bounded by today’s Linhartova Street, Topniška Street and Zupančičeva jama. It was 300 metres long and 250 metres wide. The stadium could accommodate 41,292 spectators. The seating capacity was 12,652 and standing capacity 28,640. There was room for 5000 gymnasts to exercise simultaneously. The gymnastics apparatus were produced by the JOR (Jakob Oražem Ribnica) factory. ”

The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with Turizem Ljubljana and Ministry of culture RS.

Photo Gallery

Initiator and author of the exhibition: Mag Vladimir Vilman
Photographs: Technical Museum of Slovenia; Memorandum of the First All-Sokol Jamboree in Ljubljana in1922; National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia; Planica Institute of Sports of the Republic of Slovenia, Sports Museum; Museum of Ribnica; Regional Museum of Kočevje; Historical Archive Ljubljana, Tomaž Lauko; Dragan Arrigler; Jaka Blasutto
Design: Boris Radjenović
Proofreading: Jože Gerečnik
Translation: Petra Kaloh




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