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On Sunday, 22 April 2018, at 10 am at the Technical Museum of Slovenia, Bistra pri Vrhniki, we prepared an opening event at the beginning of the ICYDK (In case you didn’t know) project.

We presented the successful application of the EU project, which will be implemented by March 2019 with the support of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), with the cooperation of the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, the Slovenian Press Agency, faculties, schools and others.

The name of the project is derived from the abbreviation ICYDK, which is the popular acronym for the phrase “IN CASE YOU DID NOT KNOW”, in Slovenian “IF YOU BY CHANCE DO NOT KNOW YET”.

In substance, the project will focus on improving the understanding of the domain of intellectual property, its value and raising awareness of its importance and impact. The theme is presented in a simple, informative and fun way in connection with exhibitions, subjects and interactive stories. We want the project to contribute to the changed attitude of Slovenes, especially young people, to intellectual property.

On this occasion, we opened an upgraded exhibition “When an Idea becomes Property: Peter Florjančič and Intellectual Property”. We occasionally present the life path of Peter Florjančič, and we highlight his achievements in the field of innovation and intellectual property.

The project and the exhibition was presented by Natalija Polenec, Director of the Technical Museum of Slovenia, Irena Marušič, the exhibition’s author and coordinator of the ICYDK project and Petra Boškin, secretary at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office.

Through the Skype program, we also conducted a conversation with the inventor Peter Florjančič.

With the printed invitation, you were able to receive two free tickets for the museum visit at the TMS box office in Bistra, and a coupon for Nikola Tesla’s demonstrations that followed the event.

The exhibition will be on display until December 3, 2018.

More information on the project and event on the official website of the project: www.icydk.si.

Kindly invited to visit us!

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