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In 2021 the Technical Museum of Slovenia celebrated its 70th anniversary with a series of events, including a photo exhibition of the museum and its selected objects.
At the exhibition, various museum collections are presented through the stories of selected objects, which also touch upon the history of the capital, Ljubljana. The exhibits are shown in their original environment, from the period before and after the acquisition, when they became subject to restoration and conservation, as well as expert analysis. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the museum’s contemporary role – the link between the past and the present, and a lively place of meetings and fascinating experiences. In pursuing this role, the museum more and more works hand in hand with different research and educational institutions.

The Technical Museum of Slovenia is the principal national museum dedicated to the preservation of the technical cultural heritage. We acquire, interpret, conserve, research and present material related to the development of craft and industry within the territory of Slovenia.
We care for the heritage that is the fruit of local knowledge and know-how, or which has had an impact on the life of Slovenes. The permanent collections and temporary exhibitions are here to explain and promote achievements across the various fields of science and engineering.

The exhibition is on display in front of the Pivka open-storage depots  in the Park of Military History from February 2022 until September 2022.

You are welcome to visit e-exhibition: With You for a Good 70 Years: Technical Museum of Slovenia 1951–2021


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