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The new temporary exhibition will be on view from 10/11/2023 from 6 pm to 31/12/2024.

The exhibition marks the 70th anniversary of the opening of the first independent exhibition in Bistra pri Vrhnika.

Founded in 1951, the museum was aimed at providing basic conditions for work, arranging administrative and administrative matters, and recording and collecting museum material. From the beginning, however, they did not neglect the exhibition activity, as they were aware that it represents a vital part of the museum’s activities and the most important tool in communication with the public. A year after its establishment, they hosted the Paris exhibition on scientific discoveries, and in 1953 they held their first own exhibition in Bistra. It is the latter, due to the round anniversary, that is the reason for this exhibition.

This time, we are not putting museum objects in the foreground, but museum visitors. We have condensed seven decades of exhibitions, activities and programs, reactions and media reports into one story. The story of how we changed and grew together with them and because of them.


Deli to zgodbo!